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Fanfic: "All We Know for Truth" [Flying Down to Rio] - Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fanfic: "All We Know for Truth" [Flying Down to Rio] [Dec. 26th, 2009|12:22 pm]


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Title: All We Know for Truth
Author: icepixie
Film: Flying Down to Rio
Rating: PG/Teen for innuendo, I suppose.
Word Count: 1171
Summary: A Fred and Ginger movie where they don't end up together at the end? UNPOSSIBLE! Thus, post-credits shippiness. And drunkeness.

("She was not drunk enough for this conversation. 'I was starting to think you didn't like girls.' Oops. Actually, maybe she was *too* drunk for this conversation.")