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Fanworks [Dec. 7th, 2009|04:40 pm]


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Hi. I just discovered Fred and Ginger's films about a month ago, and have been devouring them in twice-weekly portions from Netflix. Along the way, I also felt inspired to make some fanworks, and since this appears to be the place to post such things, here they are:

Fanvid: "Happiness," by The Weepies (uses footage from all of the RKO-era films, although Flying Down to Rio makes a rather token appearance).

Streaming and download links at my journal.

I also have a short fanfic for Shall We Dance.

Title: We Were Very Tired, We Were Very Married
Author: icepixie
Rating: It would pass the Hays Code with flying colors.
Word Count: 868
Summary: There's not much room on a ferry, but Peter and Linda dance anyway.

Also found at my journal.